I always had a fascination with dreamcatchers. Since I can remember, my nights have been extremely colorful -to put it nicely- I have always been a dreamer, a night deep sleep dreamer. The intense, profound, magnificent world of dreams was for times as important as my reality awake. I was so taken with everything that happened when I slept, that I started recording my dreams in writing; I couldn't understand if they were messages, a life in a parallel reality, premonitions, my crazy head? So to be able to better understand them and cope, I wrote the stories of my dreams in little pieces of parchment paper that I would later roll and tie with blue silk ribbon. I kept them in a wooden box where my diaries, letters and pictures hid. I would fly over mountains, fast, feeling the wind on my face, I would flap my arms hard to gain speed and altitude. Sometimes I crashed. The flying ones where spectacular, I remember one quiet clear; I was standing by the edge of the window of my 13 year old room. My dad was standing next to me. We held hands and I told him I was going to teach him how to fly. He trusted me. We jumped. Fearless into the dark sky. And we rose up, up, higher and higher flying over my city. On top of roofs, chimneys, playgrounds, brushing the trees. Pure joy. 

And then there were the dark ones, the premonitions and scares, sleep paralysis, physical pain, absolute fear. All too real, to the point where for a short period of time, I was literally scared of the night and falling asleep.

What are my dreams made of? Where do they come from and why me? why does my partner next to me can sleep sound and never visit any places and live so intensely while sleeping?

I am grateful for this gift and because of it the creative process kicks in and the need to express manifests in different ways. This time making things with my hands, perhaps to help others or symbolically to represent my magical word of dreams. 

I present you my first dreamcatchers, I have so many ideas, so many designs and wonderful materials to work with. Follow me on instagram and subscribe to this blog to know more.

 From one dreamer to another.


Mia & Lily. 

See here Flower Dream dreamcatcher hanging over Mia's bed.