Mia and Lily's fall 2015 photo shoot!

These are really exciting news! First post ever is all about the amazing photo shoot we just had for our website and catalog.

I was so lucky to find these three gorgeous girls, Maddie, Sydney and Sabrina, who worked their magic in front of our cameras and who totally represent the spirit of our brand.

And I can't forget to mention my best friend, sister from another continent, and partner in crime Steffi, who spent all her afternoon helping us get some incredible shots with her great eye and creativity. The stars were truly aligned, don't you love it when that happens? The right energy, beautiful skies, a warm light and an all around beautiful flow and cosmic chemistry between five women.

This is the start of great things to come!

Venice Beach, CA

Check out a favorite selection of the girls working it!

Click on any image to enlarge. Shot in our hometown of Venice Beach in the middle of autumn!


The fun never stops, behind the scenes moments, some down time and some silly time...

I would love to introduce to you Maddie, in her own words-


maddie bio.jpg

Madison was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. She is a laid back barefoot outdoorsy gal who spends most of her free time surfing, swimming, snowboarding, skating, hiking, climbing, snorkeling and eating pineapples. She is working towards a degree in communications and hopes to work with the media. She has been doing film, theatre and modeling all of her life and hopes to incorporate her lifestyle in all of her work. She is an advocate for sustaining the environment and often is involved with beach clean ups. She travels often and aspires to see the world. 

Beautiful Sabrina -

I am 22 years old, and I am from San Diego, CA. I am currently studying Psychology at the University of Southern California. I consider myself to be a multipotentialite, because I have so many passions in life.

I would love to become actress/model, producer/writer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. I have a strong love for working with children. I have four younger siblings, and I am an active supporter of Autism and bullying awareness. I am a health nut, I enjoy being outdoors and especially practicing yoga. My goals in life are to inspire, have fun, and follow my heart no matter what!

And striking Sydney -

 Sydney displayed her interest for entertainment at a young age. Whether she was reciting lines from her favorite Disney movie or begging her Mom to take photos of her; she was made for the camera. She began modeling at the age of 6. She was enrolled in modeling and etiquette classes preparing her to enter into the wonderful world of Beauty Pageants. She learned the art of multitasking early when she juggled beauty pageants, being a pop warner cheerleader, remaining a top student and all the teachers' favorite.

Her pageant talent was singing and that began to take off for her. By her teen years, she began strengthening her music gifts with programs such as Cab Calloway Fine Arts and Woodlawn's Vocal Chorus. She continued to model for local fashion brands eventually landing in NYC after high school.

Now a Los Angeleno, she is back from her college break and ready to take everything she came for. She has recently been signed to Hit Records Only in hopes of producing the EP that breaks barriers; as well as a modeling contract with Angelz Nation. She is a go-getter, great to work with and always a great addition to any team.